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Your home is a system and your planning and design efforts should take that into account. To build a green home, Ralph Rhodes Custom Homes can help you evaluate options to create a home that works efficiently as a system. There's no simple formula for energy efficiency, just quality design and construction. The following are some tips to help you build an ENERGY STAR home.

Size matters.
The smaller the footprint and the less the exterior surface area of your home, the more efficient it will be. Larger homes use more natural resources for materials and more energy to produce those materials. Regardless of size, any home can be an ENERGY STAR qualified home.

Heat Transfer.
Hot goes to cold. The greater the temperature difference between the two extremes the faster this heat transfer will occur. We can't eliminate heat transfer but we can slow it down. We do that by building an insulated building envelope and limiting air movement through that envelope.

The better the building envelope, the less heat you need to provide.
The less heat needed the smaller the heating plant and distribution system. Instead of spending so much on the big, expensive high efficiency heating system and the costly fuel to go with it, spend more on effective insulation, on windows, on air-sealing, and on a ventilation system.

Windows are the weakest link.
Windows provide light and the beautiful view to outside. They can be a nice architectural detail and give your home fabulous character, but keep in mind no matter how good they are, windows are the weakest link in the building envelope. Good windows have an R value of about 2!
Frame your view to limit the amount of glass (decide what's most important to see out your window). Compare windows by looking for their U-value (U-values describe the transmittance of heat - the opposite of the R-value - the lower the number the better).

ENERGY STAR qualified appliances.
Look for energy-efficient refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers and air conditioners. They're made by manufacturers you know and trust. ENERGY STAR qualified products meet high standards for energy efficiency and quality guidelines, which means they use less energy without sacrificing performance. To view some of the ENERGY STAR appliances available click the energy star products link on this page.

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